I feel like I already reviewed this, which likely may be the point.

I really loved the special effects, characterization, and energy of this film.
Also, I have a strong attraction for Jennifer Jason Leigh, but I do not know why–something from my childhood is definitely triggered by her

Ready player one

I liked this movie–not as well as the poorly written book–but still a very fun adventure romp!

The plot is rather shallow, the adventure elements are predictable, but the special effects are amazing.
I saw this with Fred and Jane–it was Fred’s bachelor party!

Julian Schnabel: A Private Portrait (2017)

A fun documentary–mostly praising the artist who was hated when I was in school (it was nice to see another side of him).

The early stuff was great–I had no idea he had a love of surfing.

It was nice to see the ex-wives, clearly another example of the risks of leaving your first love.

The part with Lou Reed was without a doubt the best.

Worth seeing.


A great and highly recommended Documentary on Orange County Artist Chris Burden who has been stolen by Los Angeles.
So much of this is so good–specifically, the end section in which the Artist finds his home. 
Just brilliant!