Head Sets :: 02008-10-16

Jim Ladd
95.5 FM KLOS
Thursday October 16, 2008

Theme: Some kind of hippy thought on staying present with a changing world.

12:06 “Welcome to Head Sets…”
12:08 “Is everybody in? The ceremony is about to begin….”
12:08 Pink Floyd–“Welcome To The Machine”
12:14 siren, door closing, “there comes a time that the operation of the machine…”
12:15 Spirit–Mechanical World
12:17 “there comes a time…”
12:19 “I sometimes feel like an alien creature/for which there is no explanation…” Woody Harrelson
12:21 beats, poetry reading, etc.
12:23 Gomez–“Get Miles”
12:27 “Think for yourself. Question authority…” Timothy Leary, Space noises, wind, and etc.
12:28 U2–“Love and Peace or Else”
12:32 “Think for yourself”, Edge Solo, loops, etc
12:33 beats, “Think for yourself”, echos
12:33 A Perfect Circle–“What’s Going On”
12:35 “Think for yourself…”
12:37 “What did you see when you gazed upon that liquid place…” Jim Ladd, bass rumble,
12:38 Billy Sherwood–“Melancholy Deity”
12:44 “The earth has changed…” Lord of the Rings
12:44 A Perfect Circle–“Imagine”
12:46 “Think for yourself. Question authority.”
12:49 Pink Floyd–“Us and Them”
12:56 “That will do it…”
1. Red House (the Hendrix tune) by Indigenous was the intro music–a very amazing song available on you tube:

Head Sets :: 02008-03-06

Jim Ladd
95.5 FM KLOS
Thursday March 6, 2008

12:04 Billy Sherwood “Melancholy Deity”
12:09 Robert Plant “Darkness Darkness”
12:15 Doors “Crystal Ships”
12:18 Eurythmics “Sweet Dreams”
12:23 “Do you think God dreams?”
12:24 Tim Buckley “I Never Asked to Be Your Mountain”
12:29 Supertramp “Dreamer”
12:32 “pretend you are in a movie theater…” Poetry
12:33 Allman Brothers “Dreams”
12:40 “gods a dreamer man…he thought all this stuff up…now what are we going to do with it?”
12:41 REO Speedwagon “Dream Weaver”
12:44 “it god making contact with himself”
12:45 “Night of the Santa Ana’s / I drove down Mulhullond” Poem
12:45 Beatles “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”
12:49 “if you want to ask yourself if there is a god, just ask yourself how those four guys came together in England”

Head Sets :: 02007-10-25

Jim Ladd
95.5 FM KLOS
Thursday October 25, 2007

Theme: Shine

12:01:00 Led Zepplin “In My Time Of Dying”
12:02:00 Jim Ladd Intro

12:03:30 Intro
12:04:37 “Is everybody in…”
12:05:25 REO Speedwagon “Dream Weaver”
12:09:00 “sleep! Rest in the arms of the dragon. Dreammmm…”
12:09:15 Donovan “Hurdy Gurdy Man”
12:12:13 “turn off your mind…relax..and float down stream…”
12:12:33 The Byrds “Mr Tamborine Man”
12:14:48 “turn off…”
12:15:00 The Beatles “Fool on the Hill”
12:17:55 Moody Blues “The Balance”
12:21:11 The Beatles “I Am The Walrus”
12:21:20 “we must gather together every shinny object”
12:24:36 “we are going to bring light to darkness”
12:25:00 “in my case it happend like this…who is this guy who lives within me when I am asleep…I realized that there is someone awake within me…I never knew this guy with in me…he does not talke when I talk…he talks when I stop talking..he talks in terms of sensations”
12:25:57 Pink Floyd “Fearless”
12:31:36 “the great way is not difficult for those that have no preferences…make the smallest distinction and heaven and earth are set infinitely apart…hold no opinions for or against anything…to set up what you like against what you do not like is the disease of the mind…
12:32:37 The Police “Secret Journey”
12:34:50 “turn off your mind … “
12:25:16 The Beatles “Within You Without You”
12:37:45 “I remember when I was a little boy…the shine to us…”
12:28:19 Robert Plant “Shine It All Around”
12:38:50 Ladd “I can show you how to shine…all you have to believe it…come I show you….”
12:39:38 “gather every shinning object you can find. We are going to bring light to darkness”
12:40:20 “gather every shinning object you can find. We are going to bring light to darkness”
12:42:02 “we are the music makers..and we are the dreamers of the dream”
12:45:32 Pink Floyd “Time”
12:48:58 “turn off your mind…relax…and float downstream”
12:49:23 The Beatles “Baby Your A Rich Man”
12:51:55 “head s e t s s s s s “
12:52:11 John Fogerty “Don’t You Wish It Was True”
12:56:00 Ladd “that will do it”

Head Sets :: 02007-10-18

Jim Ladd
95.5 FM KLOS
Thursday October 18, 2007


~12:01 Deep Purple “Fools”
> Commercials

12:08:00 Intro
12:09:14 “Is everybody in…”
12:09:38 Chanting
12:10:55 Irish Music…
12:11:13 “Turn of your mind, relax, and float downstream”
12:12:00 Loreena McKennitt “The Mummer’s Dance”
12:16:30 Poetry Victoria Seer
12:17:10 song
12:21:22 “That being..and there is not one problem in the world today…”
12:21:45 Panting, drum beats
12:22:07 Paul Young “Love of the Common People”
12:26:01 “Turn off your mind…”
12:26:19 Doors “Ghost Song”
12:28:55 A Perfect Circle “Imagine”
12:33:12 “rest..do nothing..dream”
12:33:33 Angra “Kashmere”
12:37:55 Verve “The Rolling People”
12:42:30 “…dream”
12:43:24 “…it is not dying”
12:43:55 Jim Morrison ” Hour for Magic”
12:45:24 Vast “I’m Dying”
12:49:01 Chanting, “…it is not dying”, etc.
12:49:50 The Beatles “Within You Without You”
12:51:51 Robert Plant “Shine It All Around”

Head Sets :: 02004-08-04


Wednesday, August 4, 2004
1. Doors – Awake
2. Dishwalla – Until I Wake Up
3. Mad Season – Wake Up
4. Porcupine Tree – Waiting Phase One
5. Doors – End Of The Night
6. Eagles – The Sad Cafe
7. Billy Bob Thorton – At Least We Dreamed
8. Jackson Browne – Before The Deluge
9. John Lennon – #9 Dream

Head Sets :: 02007-08-02

Jim Ladd
95.5 FM KLOS
Thursday August 2, 2007

12:00 Circa–?
12:10 Jimi Hendrix–Are You Experienced
12:14 Beatles–Within You, Without You (from Love)
12:18 Pink Floyd–?
12:20 Freddie Jones Band–Tuesday Morning Three AM
12:22 Circa–?
12:25 Freddie Jones Band–mystic buzz
12:36 Van Morrision–Into The Mystic
12:39 “you got to listen to the trees, Hoss–you have to listen to the wind” “I studied day and night..other worlds…behind the surface and the mirrors”
12:40 Moody Blues–the Dream Are You Sitting Comfortably
12:43 “When the white eagle of the north…on the threshold of a dream” Beatles Jam
12:44 Robert Plant–Shine It All Around
12:48 beatles psychedelic noise, “tired without opening our mouths…the shine…”
12:49 Led Zepplin–In The Light

Head Sets :: 02007-06-20

Jim Ladd
95.5 FM KLOS
Thursday June 20, 2007


00:06:32 Intro
00:07:48 Doors “Is Everybody In”–Heartbeat–
00:08:12 chanting
00:09:04 Chanting–Music–Drums–Guitar
00:09:30 Yardbirds “Still I Am Sad”
00:10:35 Queen “Long Away”
00:14:01 Crash “Its the sense of touch” “what?” “…In LA nobody touches you…”
00:14:30 Robert Plant “Darkness Darkness”
00:19:48 –“I dreamed you in the dark, and we found each other in the dark”
00:21:23 “I can remember when I was a little boy…she called it shinning”
00:21:53 Porcupine Trees “Lightbulb Sun”
00:26:05 –“head setstststssttsststts”
00:27:00 Matrix “…you feel like Alice…you are expecting to wake up…”
00:27:48 Verve “Rolling People”
00:32:00 –“number nine, number nine, number nine”
00:33:12 –Ladd “we are the rolling people…95.5 KLOS…”
00:33:40 Looped orchestra music, wind up
00:34:10 –Matrix “like everyone else you were born into bondage..a prison of your mind”
00:34:30 Porcupine Trees “Strip The Soul”
00:41:01 –loops of carnival music–“head settsssss”–“number nine”–loops
00:41:39 Pink Floyd “Welcome to the Machine”
00:43:27 –“head setststssttst”
00:47:30 Who “905”
00:52:00 Jefferson Airplane “She Has Funny Cars”
00:55:00 Back Announcement