1. Have a “Master” List
  2. Have a “Top 3”
  3. Break it Down & Be Specific
  4. Be Intentional With Unfinished Tasks
  5. Plan to Plan
  6. Consider an “If/Then” List


There is a great article on Using Evernote to create a Bullet Journal thre is a lot of focus on the Four Parts of the Bullet Journal

1. Index
2. Future
3. Monthly
4. Daily

As well as a good over view of the bullet notation

• = task
X = complete task
> = migrated
< = scheduled
O = event
– = notes


and the bullet signifiers

! = Inspiration
* = Priority
eye = Research

I also really like this food journal

05-03-16 10-01


All meetings should have notes sent out afterwards. Notes should include tasks with names. There should be some mention of a success criteria for tasks. It is important that notes are readable, use color to keep things interesting.



I am using Bullet Journal for most of my note taking technique.