Dragon Heist—The Xanathar Hideout

Another great week of D&D at Alakazam comics in Irvine, CA.

I was forced into the DM Chair with this crazy table because of Holiday Schedules.

Jordan & Joshua were ready to role back into Water deep.

Brian was back in command playing a Druid / Barbarian build he had dreamed up somewhere–it was great to have him back a the table!

Cody and Josh were both there again–and after having Starbucks Butter Beer Frappuccinos they were in fine form!

I had plenty of room at the table.

And a borrowed map which I used for the Sewer Explorations.

I also downloaded a bunch of Initiative trackers for the iPhone, but none of them worked very intuitively & I went back to tracking on paper.

We had some good crits including these two!

At the end of the session we attempted to fill out our Adventures League Adventure Logsheet which I will provide a separate post on.

D&D Beyond Character Sheet–Embedding Link in Blog

There is a discussion here which provides general discussion on how to create a link to a D&D Beyond Character Sheet. But in general it seems that these links are not “live” but rather views of your character at a certain time.

The default link I get looks like this:

<a href=”https://www.dndbeyond.com/profile/schwarm/characters/13354623”&gt;
<embed src=”https://media-waterdeep.cursecdn.com/avatars/6423/861/636974425709030074.jpeg” width="400" height="211"&gt;

which does not really work, the image is broken and is not real time data…Making these live links should not be that hard to figure out…

If I insert the image & view the source WordPress is using the Figure tag, not the embed tag, so I swapped that around to this:

<figure class="wp-block-image"&gt; 
  <a href=”https://www.dndbeyond.com/profile/schwarm/characters/13354623”&gt;
    <img src="https://media-waterdeep.cursecdn.com/avatars/6423/861/636974425709030074.jpeg" alt=""/&gt;

Ghostwise Halfling Ranger with a Giant Owl

Problem History

In our current Adventure League campaign, Cody is playing a Ghostwise Halfling Ranger–I think post Dark Phoenix he was mostly going for the Telepathy, but when he learned about the Night Gliders he got excited to go Beast Master and get a Giant Owl as his companion.

The beast master companion has to be medium & giant owls are large, so we have a problem.


Other players have identified this problem and have provided some general solutions–play a Pteranodon re-skinned as an owl is likely the most AL legal.

I am going to send some tweets to various people online and see if I can get an official AL exception.–here is Chris Lindsay‘s response:

And though the image is very cool, the “fluff” to which I was referring is from page 110 of the Sword Coast Adventure Guide.


Once we get the Companion figured out, we will start working on the mini–which looks like it is going to be a fairly big problem.