Barovia? Seriously, again?!?

Another fun night of D&D at Alakazam Comics in Irvine.

Here is Cody’s Summary of the session:

  • Bartender tells missing hunters
  • meet a wolf cub really baby werewolf
  • find one hunter dead.
  • fang in his back his silver dagger in the camp fire his whip of warning by his side
  • meet elves that say the other hunter turned into a werewolf and killed the other but the werewolf took a deep chest wound and headed to the mountain
  • Meet old women that says she saw a wolf pass with a deep chest would so we went were she pointed
  • later we encountered two death dos
  • werewolf den
  • fight werewolf

I had a new set of dice! Elvish Dice! I am going to rebuild my Mage to be an elf to match my dice…

The DM was running the worlds greatest DM Screen & we had a few new players at the table.

But some Classic gamers were also in the house

There were a lot of natural twenties rolled.


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