77. ‘I’ and ‘Mine’ are False Ideas

This is not the same as voluntary sharing. Society will not change by compulsion. It requires a
change of heart. Understand that nothing is your own, that all belongs to all. Then only society will

Q: Out of what do I create this world?
M: Out of your own memories. As long as you are ignorant of yourself as the creator, your world is
limited and repetitive. Once you go beyond your self-identification with your past, you are free to
create a new world of harmony and beauty. Or you just remain — beyond being and non-being.

Avengers: Infinity War

Jack, Kate, & I went to Avengers: Infinity War at the Spectrum.

We were in Row C in IMAX which did not sound good, but it turned out to be great!

We loved the film–the “needs of the many vs needs of the few or the one” is a family favorite theme and this film captured a solid unique aspect of that.

International Table Top Day

This year for International TableTop Day, Cody, Josh, & I played Dragon Farkle


we started off early with a five hp dragon–which is mostly unbeatable!

I played Hiccough–trading the elf to Josh at the beginning of the game


But the boys do not brawl that much–they just build massive armies! Cody had 10,000 men when he destroyed the dragon

earning the title of TableTop Master for 2018!