One should not define God in human language nor anthropomorphize that which is ineffable and indescribable.

We can only know what God is not, not what God is.

We can never speak about God rationally as we speak about ordinary things, but that does not mean we should give up thinking about God. We must push our minds to the limits of what we could know, descending ever deeper into the darkness of unknowing.


A nursing home is not like one of those exclusive institutions like a Monatin Oyster Club or a Warf Rat Club, where it’s only member (and only men) and where accomplished and important people dress down and pretend to be ordinary fellows.

Of Course not, might be your response.

A nursing home is more progressive. Both men and women are represented, some of whom even fall in love of a sort. Formerly very important people mingle with former homemakers and mechanics.

They tend not to talk about their previous lives, neither the little hens nor the senators, because it does not matter now.

Whereas members of the elite and transitory clubs on the outside of the door, which will prove to be very much unocked, are only pretending to be modest.