D&D in the Park with DM Cody


Cody DM’d his first game of Dungeons & Dragons in the park on Sunday. There were three 9 year old players and two adults. It was a simple caravan guard combat session with the party being attacked by modrons intent on stealing our Ballista. 

The interesting thing is that Cody invented a FANTASTIC mechanic. When draing the Caravan wagons on the battlemat he had the other players draw the wagons–they are in Red and Black below:

This really drew the players in & got the kids interested. 

I mean honestly it was amazing, I play a lot of D&D With kids and this was the first time I have seen kids this engaged.

The game was wonderful–we had some very fun role play and some good critical hits 


Actual Play Storm King’s Thunder–D&D Encounters S23 S33

Storm King’s Thunder–D&D Encounters S23 S33

Whats in my Pocket from May 2009

Storm King’s Thunder–D&D Encounters S23 S32

Next week?

72. What is Pure, Unalloyed, Unattached is Real

 Love is the refusal to separate

When you walk in a crowded street, you just bypass people. Some you see, some you just glance at, but you do not stop. It is the stopping that creates the bottleneck. Keep moving!

Awareness is love in action. 

D&D Novel’s

Dungeons and Dragons is likely healthier now then it has ever been–the current edition is great, the content coming out from Wizards of the Coast is great, the Adventures League is Popular, the shops are full…

Everything is going wonderful, except the Novel line & I really do not know why.

 A lot of the stuff that was released during the 4th Edition period was really good–but currently they are releasing nothing–only stuff from older, established authers that was likely already on the print schedule

I would love to see WotC do something with D&D Fiction like what Magic is doing with the weekly short stories by different authers–a way to keep fiction moving + develop new talent.