18. This is Not a Maze

A literary joke about the instructions for folding fabric. This is gold.

17. Dresser

Alcoholic mother asking for drink on her death bed.

Two daughters who do not know each other well.

The cakes no matter where they lived.

I like this one very much.

16. If Picked or Uprooted These Beautiful Flowers Will Disappear

This is yet another dead child one. But in this case the dark, extreme, absurd ending and its connection to the title make it not so overwhelming depressing.

I actually rather like this one.

15. Story

Another dark Danish tale. Anderson at his worst–impacting a family in a dark prophetic way. I am not even really sure how to respond to this.

14. Cozy

A simple note about a tragic news story from Africa. This is more reportage then writing. Than Writing. Not sure, but not that good–either….

Storm King’s Thunder–D&D Encounters S23 S8

Another week of D&D at Alakazam Comics.
The party is still battling an invasion at Goldenfields.

The team mini’s and over all table layout is working perfectly

and the players are learning how their characters run in combat

I did not capture all the crits we saw this week

Actual Play Storm King’s Thunder–D&D Encounters S23 S8