Storm King’s Thunder–D&D Encounters S23 S6

Sad to hear about the loss of Anti-Catholic Nutter Jack Chick, whose artistic skill & racist insanity unfortunately captured the spirit of D&D perfectly in one of the greatest images of all time….

That hanging plant just add so much! Jack Chick will be missed.

Team Schwarm meet at Much:

and carpooled over with Melissa–we stopped at Starbucks for Cake Pops and coffee

Cody is having the time of his life! He created pretty much the perfect Monk mini for Jack!

The party headed into Goldenfields, after defeating the dwarves…

and was looking for a fight–but we spent most of the night engaged in RP.

The video is long, but there is some great stuff, including a good Jim Morrison joke.

I am still tracking initiative via index cards.

Jack hit the 7-11 and got some Taki’s to share with a father son combo who had never played D&D before

Cody has the worlds greatest dice bag:

Brian is taking a lot of notes over on Obsidian Portal.

And the players are having a lot of fun–rolling well and everything…



Double CRIT!

Storm King’s Thunder–D&D Encounters S23 S5

So during D&D Encounters, UCI Librarian to the stars John Sisson stopped by to inform us that he was in the IMAX ad for Doctor Strange!

Such solid nerd brag!

I have been working a lot + listening to a lot of Phish. Likely not spending enough time in D&D Preparation and this week was a big Role Playing week–the Sword Coast Coalition meet there first Giant!

We had the same players–Melissa, Cody, Brian, Scott, Eric, and Jon the new guy!

New guy Jon had never played 5E–and on his very first roll, with advantage [a mechanic he had never heard of before] he scored an amazing double crit!

I had plenty of room behind the screen

the table had a lot of fun

It was a very good week.

Storm King’s Thunder–D&D Encounters S23 S4

D&D Encounters at Alakazam Comics is now a WPN sanctioned!

we had another solid turn out–my kids were not there–but we did have Rajan a new player!

The mini game was a lot better this week–I had prepared some mini’s for the Dripping Cave encounters & the players came through with some great pieces as well.

Predrawing the maps kept things moving very smoothly…

I love my dice this season

and I got a crit!

of course, one of my players out rolled me!