Curse of Strahd–D&D Encounters S22 S21

It is hard to say farewell to this group! A lot has recently been written about the current popularity of Dungeons & Dragons in some fairly popular mainstream outlets

but for me the current success is almost entirely based on Chris Perkin’s work and the fact that the current stories are so great–they are connected to D&D’s roots, the contain quality beats throughout, and they flow easily at the table.

D&D has a long history with Strahd and Curse of Ravenloft captured all of it with amazing precision. The tone was pitch perfect. The story was fantastic.

The way the story unfolded was VERY natural and the players at my table never felt rail roaded. More importantly, the players were remembering events from months earlier [which often does not happen in D&D Encounters groups]. Almost like Perkin’s favorite TV Shows and Movies this module worked really well in drawing the players into the location, the story, and relationships with NPC’s and other characters.

As a DM, Curse of Ravenloft was suprisingly easy to run–there was enough content that I could skip entire sections that I did not like, did not really grok,  or did not feel would work at your table without any impact to the story.  The flow from week to week with Curse of Ravenloft was amazing.

I had tons of room at the table this week

The video from this week should be great–there was a Pickle conversation which still seriously cracks me up.