Curse of Strahd–D&D Encounters S22 S16


Another great week of D&D at Kingslayer Comics!

Kyle brought fantastic snacks–Milk & Cookies, but more importantly:



I changed where I sat at the table & felt like I had more room…

We are winding towards the end of the Curse of Strahd! PC’s were at level 7 and basically destroying some of the earlier encounters that they had missed.

I was hoping to get the players to the Amber Temple

But the finished the battle in the swamp & then killed all the druids near the Vineyard.

I used my first DM Guild product during this session! I used the 18 cursed items by the great Jeff C Stevens to deliver an hilarious shield which does 1d8 Necrotic if the PC does not make a sarcastic comment before an attack. It is shaped like  a bright yellow smiley face. So Good!

There were a lot of crits

I even got one!

But mostly it was the players

Cody’s First Mini

Cody & I designed and ordered his first Mini from Hero Forge:

We used some new material which took a very long time to deliver, but when it arrived he loved it. People have asked me what we spent on the Mini & I think that the answer is $30, which seems high–but I think shipping and new material costs played a big part in this.

He designed a quick art reference

and then we shipped it off to Spenser for painting

He provided updates

and it really started to look great!

Stat Order

Recently, Brian asked me “what is the official order of D&D Character Stats”–which seems like a simple question, to me….In fact, I quickly responded with SIWDCCh, a word which is in my Dictionary and has been the only possible answer that I have ever heard or considered.

I base my response on this:

1st Edition Character sheet

Which was the first ‘official’ character sheets I ever saw. Before these were available I used pen and paper, but I did write the stats in this order. 

I flipped through a recent notebook to ensure that I write them in the same order still:

Random Notebook Photo

The confusion starts with this 5th Ed Sheet:

5th Edition Character Sheet

which has Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom, & Charisma–just plain wrong. 

The Stats are “grouped” correctly–with S & Ch book-ending the pairs [Dex / Con & Int / Wis]; but, overall this order is just crazy.

I checked some Pathfinder sheet which have this SDCIWCh madness….

Pathfinder Character Sheet

Is that one of the differences between D&D and Pathfinder? Does everyone else already know this & I am just late to the game?

So confused….

Rules of Conduct

So a lot of game shops, especially the ones where they play a lot of Magic, have posted rules of behavior–generally stuff like

And there is often an expectation that Organized Play DM’s are somehow responsible for enforcement

Which is a little crazy–I mean, for me, personally, I have very little interest in rules enforcement of any kind….I prefer shops with more playful signage

But I bet there is some good justification for some rules & I am curious what that may be. Maybe it is time to start a new tumblr to post Game Shop rules?