Curse of Strahd–D&D Encounters S22 S13

I had missed the last two weeks of D&D Encounters at Kingslayer Comics because of family stuff, so it was great to get back into the game this week!

Several of the regular players were not there, so I ran a small table through a mostly RP heavy session of the Bone Grinder, Encounter with Strahd, Vallaki return, Von Richter’s Tower, & a trip back to Krezk to talk to the Abby of St Markovich.

A small table lead to some wonderful game play.

I had a new D20


The players had plenty of space & healthy snacks

The Saber Tooth Tiger is now a carrot with orange skittles pressed onto it.

There were also free D&D Stickers handed out to the two tables.

Barrel Rolling, Bar Delivery, & Blood Tracks

Once a month on Thursdays, we are playing 5E at Andrew’s house.

I am playing a Gnome obsessed with Logic, but it is not really going any where yet… We are still very much simply investigating a town with a blood cult, but I sense it will get better soon.

The set up is Amazing, Andrew has like the perfect room! I do not think I have ever had more space at a table–total gold!

Zendikar Episode 4

I run a game of Zendikar 5E D&D for 7 year olds

As you can imagine it is a bit off the rails at all times

The players are organized

And there is plenty of room at the table

The party is currently on a mission from the king to rescue his daughter from the Kobold Queen.

They killed a Hill Giant.  Then the party tracked the hill giant back to its lair, which they explored  & found full of Kobolds.

They know that Kobolds love dragons & hate giants so this is all very weird. But of course they would rather be killing Eldarizi Titans at first level!