X-Men Apocalypse

Jack, Kate, Brian, & I went and saw this opening night in RPX–IMAX was showing Alice. 
I thought it was fine for what it was, but in this age of Civil War it really does not compare that favorbaly.
Phoenix Rules, it is not a Wolverine Movie, & Quicksilver actually develops–all powerful moves in the write direction, but if one is not in tune with the X-Men this movie is likely not for you.
Also, this was the first comic movie opening I have been to that was not sold out in the last few years…


Murlocs for D&D

Zendikar Art

There is so much great Zendikar art. I wonder if WotC had a larger budget for this set then for previous sets.

Also, Cody’s home game is set in Zendikar.

Overwatch Release at Blizzard

James & I went to the Blizzard campus for the free popsicles & the Overwatch release event. 

I forgot to take pictures at Blizzard, but I did get this great shot of the standup at the mexican place where we had lunch.

D&D @ Meltdown

Actual Play Curse of Strahd–D&D Encounters S22 S10

Actual Play Curse of Strahd–D&D Encounters S22 S9