Curse of Strahd–D&D Encounters S22 S3

Melissa brought this amazing Unicorn Dice Bag which came with a noise maker

I brought a bunch of regular skittles.

There is a move for more healthy snacks at the table.

The game was good–mostly new players as we continued the Death House exploration.

There were a lot of crits & fumbles. I am still using the iCrit & iFumble charts.


I am using large dice so the table trusts I am not cheating.

I nailed some good rolls!

And one of the players scored critical GOLD with my old stand by dice!

A very fun time was had by all!

Palm Sunday Tea Time–Caramel Apple Black Tea

On Palm Sunday, Cody and I had a tea time. We made Friday Tea’s Caramel Apple Black Tea:

The tea was rather old, but seemed to have held up well

The Tea brewed up well.

And poured very cleanly

The tea was very mellow and fruity and a nice refreshing pick me up to a late night D&D Preparation Session.

Cody really enjoyed drinking the tea–he did add a LOT of sugar to his tea.

Shelly Mazzanoble (Gamer to Gamer) | The Tome Show

Shelly sat down with James Introcaso to talk about her career in D&D. She talks about starting her career at Wizards of the Coast on the Magic Team, going to college towns with the 25th Anniversary tour, writing her books, and her current role with Avalon-Hill.

This is a great podcast!

James does a fantastic job interviewing the women who saved 4th edition by returning Magic Missile to Always Hit!


A fun Gamer to Gamer style interview with long time D&D writer Wolfgang Baur–who started with TSR back in the glory days of 2nd Edition when there was a new setting every month, and Dungeon and Dragon Magazines were both still in print.
Here is the official blurb:

Wolfgang Baur, Kobold-in-Chief of Kobold Press, drops by the podcast to talk about his (long) history with Dungeons & Dragons, the success of the Dungeon Masters Guild and possibly rejecting Chris Perkins’ first submission to Dragon Magazine in the 90s.

Wolfgang has a lot of interesting perspective and is fascinating to listen to–a good episode.

JIM ZUB ON D&D COMIC BOOKS By Shelly Mazzanoble and Greg Tito

Another great D&D Podcast, this time Shelly & Greg interview Jim Zub!

Jim has been writing a bunch of great D&D Comics–after a very successful run on Skull Kickers [which is great if you have not checked it out].

Here is the official blurb:

Comic book writer Jim Zub (Marvel, IDW, Image) joins us to talk about his new Dungeons & Dragons comic from IDW taking the characters from Legends of Baldur’s Gate into Strahd’s realm.
I was very impressed with Jim’s ability to talk D&D — he really played the game back in the day & has a great sense of what D&D is all about. His interactions with Shelly & Greg are fantastic. 
This is the best D&D Podcast in a while–not a lot about the game, just more about the comics and the fun behind the stories. 

Very much worth giving a listen.