Star Wars–the Force Awakens


Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl by Carrie Brownstein

Such a great read.

Aggrolites–Live at the Observatory

 Brett & I went to a Thursday night show at the Observatory in Santa Ana to watch a fairly straight ahead night of Ska.

The opening band was a young group from East LA which had that High School Band Kids enthusiasm which is likely my favorite thing about Ska–you know, that early No Doubt life is a fun type of OC Ska.

Aggrolites are more in the serious Third Wave tough guy type of ska–the SF stuff with early Rancid, which is fun and all, but just a little too serious. They do a Yo-Gabba-Gabba Banana’s song which was completely great…

The show was a lot of fun & we did dance a lot…

U2–Innocence and Experience ive in Paris

The HBO broadcast of the U2 Show in Paris–which had originally been canceled because of terrorist actions–was out right amazing.

The production was similar to the rest of the tour, but the opening and closing were amazingly powerful…not a band I am generally that big a fan of, but this was an outright amazing show.

Tea Time–Goblin King Blend

Most Blinged out Thank You Card Ever!

Alakazam New Comic Rack