Jack & I Return To Magic

Jack & I sat down to play some Magic the Gathering last night
I am running Blue this Block and was all fired up with my All Jace All the Time!

Cody joined us playing his latest Pokemon Deck

Jack was ready to roll with a fairly well thought out deck

I was playing all the Blue cards we got from the Fat Pack–which is really really bad strategizing, for the record


Tender Buttons [Suppose An Eyes] by Gertrude Stein

Suppose it is within a gate which open is open at the hour of closing summer that is to say it is so.
All the seats are needing blackening. A white dress is in sign. A soldier a real soldier has a worn lace a worn lace of different sizes that is to say if he can read, if he can read he is a size to show shutting up twenty-four.
Go red go red, laugh white.
Suppose a collapse in rubbed purr, in rubbed purr get.
Little sales ladies little sales ladies little saddles of mutton.
Little sales of leather and such beautiful beautiful, beautiful beautiful.

Trey Anastasio – Lever Boy

Jean-Michel Jarre Electonrica

D20 Lost Again!

Skylanders – Cody’s Tournament for Extra Life Orange County


Extra Life Orange County Table Top Planning