Elemental Evil–D&D Encounters S20 S13

Another great week of D&D Encounters at Comic quest!
This week started off with Lisa making Mexican food at home.
While we were eating Chase showed up with a ton of Nerf Guns for the kids–I mean like 12 guns!

A pretty serious battle ensued!

We went to Nina’s Indian restaurant which was awesome–very old school. Stopped by Smart and Final for Skittles. And then drove over to the shop!

There were four tables outside

All of which seemed fairly crowded!

Inside we had only one DM & nine players–but I still had plenty of room for the worlds greatest dice!

Chase had scored the Double Stuff Oreo’s

And we had a special visitor….MOUSE!

The game was a tower smash adventure against the cult of the water element–pretty fun fighting!

We had some really great Mini’s on the table. Here is the point where Regina’s Kalulu the Fire Genasi Sorcerer announces “Fireball, centered on the Monk”  for no reason!

The Party goes wild!

I survived the attack just barely!

I ended up getting voted off of the Island again this week.

Video should be up soon.

There were a high number of Crits this week!

Princes of the Apocalypse – Week 8

Another episode of Recounting Encounters is out. I am always a few weeks behind on this for some reason.

This episode starts with some updates from the video game which I ignored. There was some AL discussion around the Trading Posts that have been run at Cons–I do not think that there is currently enough magic in circulation to make the Trading Post much use, but as the AL matures, I think that this will become more of a thing.

Then they reviewed the action at their tables, which was awesome–it sounds like they are having an extremely fun season.

Round Table 74 – Rage of Demons and Goodbye Rodney

Another great episode of the Round Table D&D Podcast.

The opening question–Drizz’t yeah or nay is really the only question that matters! 

Jeff joins James to discuss Rage of Demons, which is the next Season of adventures–a great Underdark Demon fest which did not do very well with the critics.

Then they discuss Rodney Thompson leaving WotC which is a little to much Inside Baseball for me–this type of stuff is likely better off on The Tome main show then James’ more fan perspective based podcast

Sheets and Screens and Minis, Oh My! (Tome 249)

An interesting installment from Jeff this time–basically, an old School Product review which I have not heard him do since the early 4E days. Tracy was not there which also significantly impacted the discussion. Here is the blurb:

In this episode, Jeff is joined by Jon Green and Allison Rossi to talk about gaming accessories for your RPG. They discuss three new-ish accessories; the DM Screen produced by Wizards of the Coast for Dungeons & Dragons, the new line of minis produced by Wizkids, and a character and campaign tracking app called Sheet Yourself.

I really enjoyed their discussion of the DM Screen. The 5E screen is VERY different from previous screens.

The strength of the cover art was covered well, but I do not think the review celebrated the glory of the interior art–I really love that the DM gets pretty pictures for the first time!

The mini conversation was mostly around the Dragons–which are great–but the new character icon’s are very fantastic:

The discussion around Sheet Yourself was largely a waste of time–I will never use this…basically it just shows the continued frustration of the community. 

We need Digital Tools. We need an Online Character Builder. We need Online Character sheets. We need these when the edition is released not at some future GENCON.

Morning Instructions for the Doctor’s Wife

Accept the windowthat gives you glass, the dawnthat gives you the maple branchwith a single bud, meadowlarkssinging where you can’t see them.Keep your black nightgown on,more night than gown.Wolves in the wallpaper.Read an article about a manwho coughed blood. If you don’t learnwho lives next door to you, youcan leave the curtains openall the time. Only at certain timescan a body be sexual. The doethat meets your gaze in the meadowisn’t sexual. When surgeons splitthe coughing man’s chest with a sawand then his lung with a scalpel,his body wasn’t sexual.At night the moon pullsleaf buds out of the branch with silverinstruments. If you don’t learnhow many bodies the doctorplaces his fingers intoin a single day, yours will alwaysbe the only. Insidethe coughing man’s lung the surgeonsfound a fir tree. The dark interiorof a lung or a leaf bud, imaginedlong enough, becomes a wilderness.Your mind can do thisin the morning when you don’t havea body. Wilderness isn’t paradise.