Actual Play Hoard of the Dragon Queen–D&D Encounters S19 S15

Hoard of the Dragon Queen–D&D Encounters S19 S15

Two Headed Abzan Show Down

Another fun Tuesday morning–we had five kids & played some great games.

I beat Preston in a long game–he has great cards and is really hard to beat.

Then we played a two headed giant match & had to stop because school was starting–it was awesome–Derek and I would likely have one against Matt & Preston.

Very good morning of Magic!

Yeenoghu’s Temple

Time again for the Bake Game Night!

But not that Game Night–this Game Night

at the Dunlap’s Game Night happens more than once a week!

This week the Bake headed into the very shady neighborhood of Long Beach where James lives.

As the video clearly shows, the Peach Cisco was flowing

It felt like the first time we had played in a long time–and all of the players were there!

Vandale and Watson are striking so hard that KUBA’s current monk form is mostly useless & I will likely try to rebuild him as something more leaderish.

There were plenty of Crits!

Hoard of the Dragon Queen–D&D Encounters S19 S14

Another big turn out at D&D Encounters at Comic Quest

I got called into a work thing and could not attend

So DM Brian and DM David had to carry the load

looks like everyone had a great time.

Ideally I will be there next week.

Psychic TV – Thee Fabulous Feast ov Flowering Light