Black Friday FNM @ Comic Quest




Munchkin with Kate & Jack

Humongous Dread Gazebo!

Out to Lunch!

This was one of those games in which all three of us had 10 levels and the next person who beat a monster would win.

Jack had the early lead, but my female super munchkin was able to pull it out off in the end!

This is Kate’s most favorite card–particularly apt on Black Friday.

Actual Play Hoard of the Dragon Queen–D&D Encounters S19 S11

Kobolds, Drakes, and Ropers! Three’s Company on Pie Night

I have missed a lot of D&D Encounters this season–which is double bad because I am DM’ing, but I am not missing Pie Night!

We started at Chipotle.

And then headed over the shop to get our game on–there were nine players and we ran one large table–we had to conclude the boss fight in the Hatchery.

We had all of our regulars — actually a lot of people were not there because of the Holiday–so we had some of our regulars

And several new players

Brian and I had a great time running–a fine RP light combat session.

We ended up depowering a lot of the Monsters to make the session run more smoothly & I think everyone had a good time.

DM Summit

For the DM Summit this week, which we have not done in a very long time, we went to Sanaya in Irvine which was recommended by Sam. It does ok on Yelp, but is really one of those places that is near where a lot of people work so it can have a cheap lunch buffet and do ok–the food was not that great, and the ambience of the place was suburban mall chic–just not my cup of tea.

Discussion was primarily around new Blizzard releases and the glory of Blizzcon, the top five Christmas movies of all time, and current Super Hero TV shows–was really a fun time.

We are struggling a bit with D&D Encounters since WotC seems to have abandoned us without material until March–we, like a lot of shops are likely going to just continue to run the Hoard of the Dragon Queen material, which should be fine.

Mark Rosewater

zanmor asked: By comparison, what would you say defines a fantasy story? The use of myth?
Fantasy at its core is about morality, the concept of absolute good and absolute evil.

1st Annual Golden State Gaming Expo @ Comic Quest

Ignoring the fact that you cannot have a First Annual Event, this Game Day at Comic Quest was a blast! 

Kelly did a super great job setting it up, it was well attended, and there were a lot of smiles.

I got there around 5:00 PM, could not figure out how to make Pano work on my iPhone, and did not win anything in the raffle.

Inside there were a bunch of tables playing super cool games–lots of Indie stuff was being played which was really nice to see!

I set up outside under the tarps–only in Southern California can we play outside, at night, in November!

I ran the Defiance of Phlan adventures which are fantastic to run in these kinds of “Quick Con” situations–easy to bounce players in, action is fast, and the rules are not that important.

I had about 8 players throughout the night & I think everyone had a pretty good time!

I only had one Crit & the table DEMANDED we use the Pathfinder iCrit iPhone App, which may be my RPG Product of the Year!