Hoard of the Dragon Queen–D&D Encounters S19 S10

Another great week of gaming at Comic Quest in El Toro!

Drive down with Jack & Andy was great–we were running late so no dinner. We talked sodium explosions.

I had this idea to combine Brian & my tables–this was a bad idea.

The shop still has a fairly high number of magic players loitering

I had plenty of room behind my DM Screen

Brian combined with me–he had an iPad and a lot of pens.

Camille figured out how to roll his dice against this glass making a fantastic DING! Sound

We spread out all of the maps which was likely not required.

There were two crits–I only got this one on film–a beauty!

KOT Trading

Walking into Tuesday my hope was high & things seemed fantastic. The boys are all showing up on time which is awesome–Preston has his groove back

Derek was not available this weekend, but did show up to Tuesday which is awesome.

The boys are crazy about Trading right now as they build out Khans of Tarkir Standard Decks.

I am not sure who video taped these shinanigans.

I started off with high hopes–but then I lost this close role:

And things were all down hill from there.

I lost a close 2-1 match against Alexander’s Deck–he was too fast for my mid-range Abzan. Also, there was a rule question with my Drizzt–does he get a +1 if three creature with Life Link all attack or is damage only dealt once?

I ended the morning in a great match with Andrew that ended in a Draw.

Extra Life with Cody

Cody and I started off Extra Life 2014 with some Tsuro of the Seas!

I was surprised that so many have not played this amazing game–it has great strategy and a fun cinematic feel–I strongly recommend it if you have not checked it out.

Also, it is good for all ages.

Also, compared to a lot of board games there are not a lot of pieces to loose.

Speaking of loosing–Cody beat me…

Extra Life 2014

Tuesday had a blast participating in Extra Life this year. Not only did we play some great games, but we raised US$1,160.00

The Day started early & I did not get any pictures of that, but will try to get a blog post up about it. Our first game was Cody running a Tsuro match for the family.

Next Jack and I played some Standard Magic

It was fun, but he crushed me. Again. I need to work on my standard deck.

Then we headed down to Magic & Monsters to do some drafting.

I played Brian my first round

My initial kick off role was not great

I was able to beat him Game One & it took so long that time was called turn two of game two, so I won the match, basically on time.

We had to call for Judge! Twice. I will post those conversations separately.


Ok, so in Dungeons and Dragons an Elephant costs 200gp. Of course, my players bought one as soon as possible.

The Elephant is named Steve. He was called Stompy by the Kobolds. I drew a picture.

Which was not very good–so I asked the +Crit Juice team to draw me a picture. This is what they sent me & it is awesome.