Kahns of Tarkir @ Comic Quest

Jack and I went to Friday Night Magic @ Comic Quest

We got there a bit early and hung out–lots of Long Beach Comic Con talk–Geoff Johns gave a insider talk that the comic kids got invited to & they were STOKED.

There were also a suprising number of people who had never drafted at Comic Quest–some had not played in a while & were getting back into it with the new set, some had recently moved to the area, and some were just checking it out.

The lack of Local Grinders made for a very fun draft!

There were about 24 people there last night

Some arrived later so Level Two Judge Eric had to set up a fourth late start Pod–he handled it like a Pro!

I drafted clueless crap–not really sure what I am doing with this set…basically, I played a Black White mid-range deck with no bombs.

Drew on time against Mike–he was having much more fun than I was!

Second match against Arad was a slaughter–he just butchered me.

My third match against Julian was awesome

he was playing a rather quick deck and we matched up well with neither of us really having much by way of closers

DM Summit IV–D&D Encounters Hoard of the Dragon Queen @ Spectrum

We had our D&D Encounters DM Summit at the Spectrum today & I forgot to take pictures! It was very nice out & the mall was tons of fun.

Nathan ate at Panda Express and Brian and I got Veggie Grill.

Here are some pictures of the drive back to the office. 


I am still not 100% sure what I am going to run this week–but it should be great!

Mono Blue Devotion Still Wins

The bikes are in the front yard

The backpacks are piled high

The Donuts are out

Lisa had some wonderful fall decorations out

The boys are playing very well right now.

We have a bunch of new cards from the prerelease

Jack is still brewing decks–mad scientist style.

Matt is playing with his typical standard dominance.

Alexander is working the trades and looking for the post rotation gold.

Andrew is playing