Something Evil Stirs in the Gnoll Fortresses of Menectauren

Another fun week in Vandale’s Garage playing the Bake–a 4th Edition Eberron game.

We started things off, like all real gamers, by having the Pizza delivered

Our Pizza man has been working there for 30 years… 

Set up in the garage was, like always, awesome–of course, I forgot my dice!

DM James was in fine form for this RP Session

Andrew character was the focus for a lot of the investigation this week–he is part of some evil shadow House Thuranni that left house Phiarlan 

Brett is playing Vassa, but we are getting closer to finding and killing Shooter.

Cameron hurt his knee & is playing Fiddenmar who is now in charge of Brett’s ranger house.

David is playing a Warlord who is also in the evil house–and running G riff when Watson cannot make it.

I am playing KUBA, the final Shardmind who is a monk–I need to do a lot of min/max work on him. 

The session when well into the night–when things start to get distorted.

We listened to some really great music during this session–the Indie station was killing it!

Oh yeah, and we are gearing up to fight gnolls–some kind of demon gnolls–it will be great.

Hoard of the Dragon Queen–D&D Encounters S19 S1

Hoard of the Dragon Queen kickoff at Comic Quest in El Toro!

We had three tables which is awesome! Here is my quick attendance.

The players self sorted by the time that I showed up.

I had created some tables to help with character creation.

Only about one third of the players rolled on the tables. 

Once we had Race, Class, and Background players got busy with some serious character creation.

Jack accurately recorded the hit points for his Tiefling Fighter Sailor.

 Brian gave us some very psychedelic gum.

And that was it for Character Creation!

Next week, I am out of town and the week after that….

Week One Preparation of D&D Encounters Hoard of the Dragon Queen.

1.  Read the EnWorld updates.

2. Get a mini like this

3.  Encourage the Players to select a Party theme on GroupMe.
    They are leaning towards Halflings, Doctor Who, and Bronnies. All rather awesome selections.

4. Ensure that we can roll our characters

If you see magic items of very high rarity or strange arrays of
ability scores, you can ask a player to provide documentation
for the irregularities. pg.3

    Looks like we are good. But the Adventure League Players Guide has:

Determine Ability Scores
You can generate your character’s ability scores using
one of the following methods:
• Standard set (15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8)
• Customizing ability scores variant (Player’s Handbook chapter 1)
After assigning ability scores, apply your racial benefits to derive your starting ability score

    I have opened a case with WotC & taken the issue to social media.

    I have lost this argument on Social Media–still waiting for the WotC &
    Twitter responses–but it is not looking good…

5. Validate the Appendix A backgrounds

6. Listen to the Tome Show podcast from GenCon–Ready Set Play

7. Read up on Inspiration from PHB.

8.  Listen to the GenCon Panel When Kobolds Meet Tiamat (Kobold Press Tyranny of Dragons Panel; GenCon 2014)

9. Read the Module