Deathtouch is Damage, right? RIGHT?!?

Liam has Iroas out:

Who has:

Prevent all damage that would be dealt to attacking creatures you control.

and then he attacks with:

Which is just an awesome card!

Cassidy blocks the man cow with Deadly Recluse:

Does Fanatic of Mogis die?

I ruled that the God gives him protection from all damage so he does not take the one. And the Deathtouch only applies if damage is dealt & so the Fanatic lives to fight again…

Did I get it right?


Muffins, Magic, OH MY!

This week we had a small turn out–Jack, Cassidy, Liam, Preston, Matt & Andrew.

Jack got out his Black Deck and destroyed Preston.

Preston has the worlds coolest mat:

Emo Power is really starting to take off with the 13 year olds.

Cassidy is playing B/G Monsters. 

Liam is doing well with his Red Deck.

Another fun morning.

Actual Play Journey into Nyx Prerelease

Red Forged in War Journey Into Nyx

Green Forged in Pursuit Journey Into Nyx

Blue Forged in Intellect Journey Into Nyx

Black Forged in Tyranny Journey Into Nyx