Scourge of the Sword Coast–D&D Encounters S17 S2

Another great week of D&D Encounters at Mercenary Market in Costa Mesa. 

Richard had this creepy skull candle thing which he was using as a dice cup–putting the awesome back in D&D

Brian’s wallet is very very fat.

Here is the player list from our table
Brian as the Human Monk, Charles Churches Chicken
Thor as the Wood-elf Ranger, White Castle
Scott as the Human Wizard, Hamburger
Richard as the Drow Ranger, Unagi
Jack as the Dwarf Fighter, Bill’s Famous Avocado Burger
David as the Teifling Rouge, Umami
Allen as the Halfling Fighter/Barbarian, Little Caesar.

Richard had pained his own mini & done a great job on the basing.

Scott was using this for his Wizard, which was not that great.

Thor may have built his character around his mini–something that I know something about.

Richard was on fire most of the session.

Thor and Scott are still min maxing rock stars.

Brian applauding my awesome Ninja moves.

DM Curtis is having fun & Allen is clearly in the zone.

I am using these white dice this season, which may not be the right choice for a ninja–I may need to do some shopping.

I do have this fantastic new pencil.

First encounter we fought Gricks! Good lord a classic. One of them permanently blinded Brian’s Monk.

The other table also had a complete flight of players.

My ninja did not do very well on his stealth to get into the Orc Camp–luckily Little Caesar was there to clean up after me.

White Castle locked into the thick of it with the Orcs.

Allen with a much needed late session Crit.

New Crew, Kraken Boneyard, & Zombie Pirates–Skull & Shackles Session 9

Another great week of Pathfinder’s Skull & Shackles adventure path at Scotts!
The full write up is over on epic words

As always, I had a ton of space at the table for my notebook

My Game Science & Q-Workshop dice and dice tower

and even my camera–which Chase was running for this session–he is tired of being on camera all of the time.

Scott has very classic dice.

Chase is running a pile of mostly randomly assembled dice

David has a collection of hard to read mostly random dice as well.

The maps for this Adventure Path are amazing.

David is wearing his Captain hat, which spent a lot of time on the floor this session!

Chase was having a very good time.

Scott was on fire for this session–really a total blast!

There was mostly role play until the big final show down with the Zombie Pirate Boat

Which was a huge epic battle

During which just about everyone was completely awesome!

There was a lot of team work & strategy going on.


And several great charges & retreats

Without the healing we would have lost very quickly, I think.

The Skull & Shackle mini’s are fantastic! This out of focus photo does not begin to do this figure justice.

Here is a better image from the web

I was able to get Jet, my octopus familiar who used to be Taiko into the act this evening.

Unfortunately, it was too little to late–DM Scott hit Kryptonite with a ruthless Severed Tendon Crit

and then critted the scar table so I lost my leg!

Very good time was had by all.

King of Tokyo Cup

Cody & I sat down last night for a King of Tokyo at the top of the stairs.

Cody played the King and once again focused on getting the Shrink Ray. I was playing the Kraken and looked to win just by smashing the King in the face.

Cody got off to a great start–doing lots of damage & earning a lot of energy cubes. I was in trouble after round three.

And dead by round six–with the last three rounds only rolling three dice.

And Cody took home the Cup!