[SPEX 25]

The second time is after dinner, when one is to ask of God our Lord what one wants, namely, grace to remember how many times he has fallen into that particular sin or defect, and to amend himself in the future.

Then let him make the first Examen, asking account of his soul of that particular thing proposed, which he wants to correct and amend.

Let him go over hour by hour, or period by period, commencing at the hour he rose, and continuing up to the hour and instant of the present examen, and let him make in the first line of the G——- as many dots as were the times he has fallen into that particular sin or defect.

Then let him resolve anew to amend himself up to the second Examen which he will make.

Red Book #23

After this, however, my humanity approached me and said:

“What solitude, what coldness of desolation you lay upon me when you speak such! Reflect on the destruction of being and the streams of blood from the terrible sacrifice that the depths demand.”