Favorite Olympic Sport: http://plinky.com/links/1M36

[2] The thought of thinking, is the thought about being ourselves, our thinking is the foundation to do something, the doing is the hardest part, after the thought of course! Capable of emotions! Enjoy my friends!


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It Really Is the Greatest: http://plinky.com/links/1M35

Grateful Dead

Seasonal Flavors: http://plinky.com/links/1M34

Fondue night


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Opening a Restaurant: http://plinky.com/links/1M33



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Finders, Keepers!: http://plinky.com/links/1M32

rasta invisible

Bob Marley CD

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Epic Road Trip: http://plinky.com/links/1LsJ

la to sf

Favorite Writers: http://plinky.com/links/1LsH

Saturn Light Rings

Tolkien, Kerouac, Shakespeare, Kesey, & MiƩville.

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