Idea for a New TV Show:

LARP Life Action Role Playing

The Guild meets the Godfather

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Summer Plans:

Kate – Fan of the Week

Surfing with Kate

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Film Festival:


Yes–newport beach film festival–I saw art doc's & loved it

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27 Weeks–July 3 9


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A Tough Goodbye:

Sexy Feline

dropping off the cats

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Fifteenth Annotation.

The fifteenth: He who is giving the Exercises ought not to influence him who is receiving them more to poverty or to a promise, than to their opposites, nor more to one state or way of life than to another.

For though, outside the Exercises, we can lawfully and with merit influence every one who is probably fit to choose continence, virginity, the religious life and all manner of evangelical perfection, still in the Spiritual Exercises, when seeking the Divine Will, it is more fitting and much better, that the Creator and Lord Himself should communicate Himself to His devout soul, inflaming it with His love and praise, and disposing it for the way in which it will be better able to serve Him in future.

So, he who is giving the Exercises should not turn or incline to one side or the other, but standing in the centre like a balance, leave the Creator to act immediately with the creature, and the creature with its Creator and Lord.

Red Book 14

I resisted recognizing that the everyday belongs to the image of the Godhead.

I fled this thought, I hid myself behind the highest and coldest stars.