Review–What’s a Man to Do–RSA? IdM? Bitko?

During my review this year I was encouraged to become more involved in one of these three technologies.

I am currently managing Wily & doing a ton of Siteminder integrations, but my new boss is more of a technologist so this will likely become important–not sure which one I am most interested in.

RSA seems silly & too tied to internal processes to be useful.

IdM has always been of interest to me, but it is largely a problem of Provisioning, which I am not that interested in.

Bitko is a new hot shot company that may have legs, but the vision is to wide lens for me–the do do some XACML which could be fun, but I am not sure.

My work needs a lot more discipline around eSSO. We are still struggling with general environment issues–upgrades, etc. Which are the things that really interest me at this time–I am going to spend some time this month coming up to speed on IdM, RSA, and Bitko…


SiteMinder: Agent Keys

This one is a little old–but a great Tuesday Tip on Agent Keys.

Jeff Tchang‘s initial description of the keys, what they do, and how to trouble shoot is nice, but the real meat of the post comes in the comments when Josh Perlmutter provides information on how to export the keys & troubleshoot from that.

Very helpful tips.