Glamourpuss #18

I picked this up at Alakazam. I read it that night at home.

I am still deeply commited to this book–I think I missed last issue & am following up to see what happened to my sub. It is not a book that I really look foreword to or hope comes out, but I really feel it when it is not there.

This issue has Cerebus in the world of Mad Men–that is a TV show that I actually enjoyed on Netflix a lot.

Then it has more in depth study of the Photo Realism Comic Studs and their mental drives–Sim dissects these guys based on photos and reporting–he using photo realism against itself so well it is frightening.

It is a Great Book!

I guess, what I am waiting for is reviews like this:

Seriously, what can you say about this comic? In many ways, it’s pretty much review-proof. There’s no real plot, in the traditional sense, to dissect or critique. The subject matter isn’t going to appeal to most super-hero fans, and Sim’s reputation probably drives away a large number of indy fans who might otherwise find the title of interest. And yet, Sim keeps plugging away at it. Either you like it or you don’t. I think the best thing that can be said is that Sim’s mixture of satire and scholarship makes it an intriguing read, and it pretty much delivers what is promises on the tin, no matter how small the target audience for it may be.

To get blown away–when the paranoia mind blowing wickedness of this book finally hits & I am going to be so happy.