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Dark Sun #2

This is only issue number two?

I had no idea–feels like issue #4. Which in this case is not really a good thing. The characters are starting to bore me already. the plot is starting to become very predictable. I do not really care what is going on or why.

I had a lot of hope for this when it was announced, but sadly it is really starting to fade on me…

Dungeons and Dragons #4

Another fantastic episode–our heros head further underground and continue at the maniac pace that has defined the last two issues.

The female halfling rogue totally steals this episode with some amazing underwater fun.

Another great comic

Two of Disks

Constant change is natural, normal and positive.

Aquarium of the Pacific

Abbot Nazarius

Strive as well as you can to enter deeply with the heart into the church reading and singing and to imprint these on the tablets of the heart.

CASE 92: Unmon’s "One Treasure"

Unmon said,

“‘Within heaven and earth,

in the midst of the universe,

there is one treasure hidden in a body.’

You take up the lantern and go to the Buddha Hall;

you take the temple gate and put it on the lantern.”