CASE 90: Kyôzan Speaks Out

Master Kyôzan went to Maitreya’s abode in a dream and was led to the second seat.

A venerable monk said,

“Today the second seat is due to speak.”

Kyôzan stood up, struck the stand with the gavel, and said,

“The Dharma of Mahayana is beyond the four propositions and transcends the hundred negations. I dare speak this!”

Nine of Disks

financial rewards which come from working diligently and dedicatedly on an important project

hard work is rewarded both by appreciation and an increase of salary

consolidation and achievement at home

we give to life is what we get back

what goes around comes around’

eady to seize the moment when it appears.

Skittles Blenders

Jack and I got a pack of Skittles Blenders this week–it was on sale for US$2.99 compared to the Skittles Crazy Core that we usually get for US$3.99.

The packaging was fantastic–the candy itself was gloriously skittlish! One issue was that many of these flavors lack the Skittle classic aftertaste–Crazy Core captured this perfectly, but these guys often taste more like traditional candies…

There were five different flavors in our bag & here is the break down:
Jack David Flavor
9 8 Strawberry Lime Blast
9 7 Mango Lemonade Freeze
7 7 Cherry Tropicolada
6 6 Watermelon Green Apple Freeze
7 4 Mellon Berry Burst

None of these are close to the glory of Crazy Core.