Put the Needle on the Record

A look back at Techno. Interesting documentary from Miami. Not sure what I think about it overall–it is promotional in nature, it does not address the drug issue, the history it presents makes no sense, the genre break down is confusing and not to helpful.

There is good stuff from California which is nice. Fun film to watch over the winter break.

Seven of Cups

consequences that far outweigh the pleasure that might be fleetingly gained.

if we don’t know what to choose, we should consider leaving them all alone

indicative of a temptation which will cost much more than it gives

Greed, triviality, surrender of moral ethics are the big problems when this card appears.

If you feel impatient and frustrated, again, work out why…..then go and satisfy yourself.

Treatise on the Seven Spiritual Weapons

(1) to be careful always to do good

(2) to believe that we can never achieve anything truly good by ourselves

(3) to trust in God and, for His love, never to fear the battle against evil, either in the world or in ourselves

(4) to meditate frequently on the events and words of Jesus’ life, especially His passion and death

(5) to remember that we must die

(6) to keep the benefits of heaven firmly in our minds

(7) to be familiar with Holy Scripture, keeping it in our hearts to guide all our thoughts and actions