Peanut Butter Sandwich and Orange


Apple and Cheese Sandwich

CASE 72: Chûyû’s "Monkey"

Kyôzan asked Chûyû, “What does buddha-nature mean?”

Chûyû said, “I will explain it for you by allegory. Suppose there is a room with six windows. Inside there is a monkey. Outside, someone shouts, ‘Monkey! monkey!’ It immediately responds. If someone calls, ‘Monkey!’ through any of the windows, it responds just the same. It is just like that.”

Kyôzan said, “How about when the monkey is asleep?”

Chûyû descended from his Zen seat, grasped Kyôzan and said, “O monkey, monkey, there you are!”

My Dream Novel’s Plot

Boy Meets Girl

boy meets girl

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One Law I’d Abolish



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This Book = Meh

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What I Believe (or Don’t)

Psychedelic trance culture of Kazantip (2006-08-010)


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