St. John of Kronstadt

The enemy of our salvation especially strives to draw our heart and mind away from God when we are about to serve Him, and endeavors to adulterously attach our heart to something irrelevant.

Be always, every moment, with God, especially when you pray to Him.

If you are inconstant, you will fall away from life, and will cast yourself into sorrow and straitness.

XIII Death

Death itself symbolises a sweeping away of the past.

If we rid ourselves of past garbage then we are free to set out on an entirely new path

it is often just what we need in order to progress when fear is holding us up.

what is it that needs to be changed or finished up

cutting away the undergrowth,

card day won’t be one in which we need to do, so much as one in which we need to think.

If life is created by what we think, what we expect and how we feel about things, our deepest emotional urges, our wildest dreams, our highest ideals require a great deal of thinking about, don’t they?

CASE 68: Kassan Brandishes the Sword

A monk asked Kassan, “What if one sweeps away the dust and sees Buddha?”

Kassan said, “You must brandish your sword. If you do not brandish your sword, the fisherman dwells in a nest of reeds.”

The monk mentioned this to Sekisô and asked him, “What if one sweeps away the dust and sees Buddha?”

Sekisô said, “He has no country. Where can one meet him?”

The monk reported this to Kassan.

Kassan ascended the rostrum and said, “As for the facilities in the garden, the old monk is superior to Sekisô, but for deep discourse expounding the true principle he is one hundred steps ahead of me.”