Evolution–Part 7

Weird Session this time.

Party made some progress–got a map + a not from Sisters of Solonar.

Jack taunted Kate for being a chicken for some goal he had–Kate wanted to go to the temple.

Kate then said she was glad that the Kobolds attacked Redscar and not Thore during the ambush. Jack got angry and quit.

Need to work on that–DM failure–people were not having fun.

Prince of Wands

working areas where healing, encouragement and development are involved.

always ready to stand up for what is right, and good; willing to fight to protect those who are more vulnerable than himself.

rising confidence levels,

overcoming fears and surmounting obstacles which have previously hindered us, or held us back

expect to feel full of life, ready to tackle any challenge.

‘out of darkness, into light

El Machete, Panama–Intelligentsia

Country of Origin: El Machete, Panama
Appellation/Region: Santa Clara
Grower: Juan Pablo Berard / Maria Luisa Berard
Varietal: Caturra, Catual
Altitude: 1400M – 1500M
Harvest: March 2010
Certification: Direct Trade
Rating & Roast Notes: Full and silky – a mouth feel like devil’s food cake combines with blackberry and concord grape. Lime acidity underscores St. Germain and muscat grade notes.

Evolution–Part 6

This was a very interesting weekend session. We rolled one d20. The Dragon Hunters made no progress in Winterhaven. They had more fun shopping in the market then anything else–the bought flowers, corn, chickens (Wakely the Barbarian Dwarf was crazy about these). The interacted with a lot of the town folk, but did not really get much useful information on either the quests or the general threats.

But they loved it.

Both Jack and Kate thought it was one of the best gaming session ever. Very odd.

I was very critical of my dm’ing–I did not role play women very well, I did not engage in some of the Party decisions all that well. I have a lot of work to do.


First night at Vandale’s–Laski, Watson, and Dunlap the DM.

Here was the Summary going in:
The town of Stormreach is a hub of mercenary and adventurer activity with the promise of treasure and magic. You’ve each come here seeking your fortune (or perhaps some personal growth and knowledge). The major houses of Eberron have representatives here. House Phiarlan, the halfling house, has posted a profitable job offer and dozens of folks wait eagerly at the Phiarlan representative’s office. After hours of waiting and interviewing, you have been chosen. Some of your tavern associates are here as well! You are taken to a meeting room where an overly serious halfling introduces himself.

“Gentlemen, my name is Crispin Phiarlan. We have a problem that I’m hoping you can make go away. There is a shire on the outskirts of the Searing Heights called ‘The Bake’.” His expression becomes even more serious, to the point of looking ridiculous. “They use the natural lava flows there as ovens and produce much of the bread and pastries we eat in this city. A fire elemental erupted from one of the ovens and destroyed an entire kitchen. Hundreds of gold each day is being lost because of the damage it caused. I cannot express how grave this situation is, gentlemen. The local guards went into the lava tunnels to investigate and didn’t return. We need you to find out what happened to them, and eliminate this elemental before it does any more damage. Are there any questions?”

A chuckling dwarf raises his hand and asks “Will we get paid in cookies as well?”.

The hafling is not amused and two guards immediately escort the dwarf out. You can hear him calling back apologies and saying he needs the coin. They throw him out.

“We’ll pay each of you 600 gold to take care of this situation. 100gp now, and 500gp when you return. We will also provide you with some supplies and transportation. Do we have a deal?”

Create a level 1 character with all the standard rules for gold and equipment.
In addition, add the following items to your character sheet:
2 potions of cure light wounds
1 potion of fire resistance
1 bag of cookies
+100 gold pieces as early payment

we found a Fire Elemental in the Kitchen. A path of bodies leading to a lair where fire dragon eggs were being hatched. We destroyed 13 eggs and turned two over to the halflings. Simple crawl and we did well.