Four of Wands

manifestation of balanced forces

fulfilment of earlier hopes,

the sense of natural satisfaction which arises when we follow our ideas through to their logical conclusion, but also the opportunity to start new things off.

establishment of right order

completing cycles,

aim to finish up any outstanding matters

define where you want to go next

Evolution–Part 4

The Party chats with Farmer Tooks wife and learns that Douven Staul headed for Winterhaven and has not been seen since. The return the last captured vermon to Professor Oak who is sitting with Dr. Parle Cranewing, the noted cartographer, in his camp. Dr. Cranwing offers a significant rewared (and magic mapping paper) if a map of the Keep of Winterhaven can be created.

The party heads out on Kings Road. They are ambused by Kobolds. Significantly improved tactics get them through fairly easily. We break after the battle.

Jack, Kate, Lisa an I played for about three hours. It was good.

Three Tiers – 02010-04-10

This was my first time playing with Cameron’s crew. David was the DM and did a great job running a 10 hour hack fest. Forest was dialed in remotely. Nick, Brent, + Sam were the other player.

I really had a good time + hope to join these guys again. We played at Cameron’s house in Ladero Ranch. In the garage. We had lots of snacks (skittles, diet dr pepper cherry, pringles [bar-b-que + ranch], very spicey gingers, Taco Mesa burrito).

They use map tools and lap tops to do their runs, which I had not done before and it was really fun and intuitive once I got set up–it did take me about 2 hours to get everything configured (I had forgotten to use any of my items!) and I was late as well, so not the smoothest introduction.

I played THE HORN–who just basically ran around smashing things–there was some plot to the adventure, but being new to the group it took me a while to catch on to the roll playing style. I will work on a full update on THE HORN’s blog.

Evolution–Part 3

This was a great Friday gaming day. Luis + Alex joined us. The party approached farmer Took’s barn. Kobolds swarmed out (some dressed in Red and others in Orange) along with a fire beetle. The kobolds were crushed by the Dragon Hunters. Another vermin was discovered in the field and captured as well, completing Professor Oak’s quest!

A chest containing a part of a map appeared to be the Kobolds objective. The party also collected two Fire Beetle glands to be used as torches.

Luis drew a picture a round. Jack rolled his first 20.

Bad Religion @ House of Blues

I went to this show with Andrew and Travis. Dad’s of some of Kate’s friends. We had a bang up good time.

Lots of stuff from Suffer, I really liked Generator (which suprised me), new songs went over well. I left humming 21st Century Digital Boy. A very good show.

I spent most of my time crushed in the third row. I broke a shoe lace. It was fun.