The Coming Insurrection by The Invisible Committee

I purchased this book from the Barnes and Noble in Irvine. I had read about it online in relation to the commune arrests in France + wanted to get back into reading more criticism.

I am going to try to read the rest of the semiotext(e) intervention series of which this is number one.

I loved attempting to apply these rather incoherent and inconsisitent tools to my personal live, and not to the social issues that the authors were tyring to solve.

I enjoyed their attacks on the Green movements.

I loved the very European focus, the connection to previous insurrections, I even liked the use of the term insurrection.

Over all this was a very good read.


My family is Love, among other things




Taiko in Irvine, ca knows fried food

Tempura at Taiko rules.

My money’s on the phoenix

Jean Grey

I wish I’d learned that sooner


I’ll watch the nature special on Dolphins

dolphin’s dance


MacGyver would have been proud

I have used a credit card as a surf pickle.