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Vegetable Soup; Garlic Toast with Olive Oil; Coffee

CASE 57: Gonyon’s One "Thing"

Venerable Gon’yo asked Joshu, “How is it when a person does not have a single thing?”

Joshu said, “Throw it away.”

Gon’yo said, “I say I don’t have a single thing. What could I ever throw away?”

Joshu said, “If so, carry it around with you.”

Words To Live By

  1. Surrender to the Flow
  2. Take Care of Your Shoes
  3. Keep What’s Important
  4. Know Who’s Your Friend,

Color me black

Black and White Image, Lower Antelope Canyon, Near Page Arizona, Navajo Indian Land, USA

The only color that really matters

My advice: ‘Feel the Feelings’

Feel the Feelings
you are going to go through it again.

John is my favorite Beatle

American interviewer: “Are you a mod or a rocker?”

John : “I am a mocker”