The Power of Now

If a response is required
in a situation, focus within and
feel the inner body. You will
immediately become still and
present as you withdraw
consciousness from the mind,
and the answer or action will
come up from this deeper level.


Quesidilla; Cherios; Apple; Water

CASE 49: Tôzan and the Memorial Service

When Tôzan held a memorial service for Ungan before his portrait, he mentioned the episode with the portrait.

A monk came forward and asked, “When Ungan said, ‘Just this!’ what did that mean?”

Tôzan said, “At that time, I almost misunderstood my master’s meaning.”

The monk said, “I wonder whether or not Ungan really knew that IT is.”

Tôzan said, “If he did not know that it is, how could he say like that? If he knew that it is, how did he dare say like that?”

Mary Oliver–Winter hours

I walk, and I notice. I am sensual in order to be spiritual. I look into everything without cutting into anything. p100

Someday I’ll have a House that Storn Built

Storn knows.

What my clothes say about me


I’d make a lovely futon

I can has futon!