Gig Posters Volume I: Rock Show Art of the 21st Century by Clay Hayes

I got this book from the Newport Beach Public Library new book shelf.

This is an amazing collection of modern posters–there is a full page poster, six smaller posters, and an interview with every artist–and there are like 200 artists. Simply overwhelming collection of art and information.

The styles start falling into categories around the third time through, but the overall orginality of all of this is simply fantastic. You want to visit just about every single web page listed by the end of reading this. A great, fun music book. I hope that they put out a volume two in about ten years to see how much things have changed.

Electric Apricot–Quest for Festeroo by Les Claypool

Lisa and I watched this last night after Disneyland.

The main song “hey, are you going to burning man?” will stay in my head forever.

The structure was rather boring and predictable for a film by Claypool + Lisa found the “shocking” sections gratuitous at best.

The film is fabulous besides those issues–Bob Weir and Mike Gordon are both in the film. The Glow Stick War is amazing–as is living in a tree in your parents backyard. There is some very funny stuff in this film–Lisa and I both laughed out loud several times.

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Prince of Cups

“They tend to hide their deepest passions, and to protect them fiercely.”

An interesting observation to see when I am about to get in a car with four men that I do not know all that well and drive to Shoreline to see …

“They are often creative – artistically or musically inclined, and have deep involvement in these areas. Many of the more successful artists and musicians in our lives would come up as a Prince of Cups.”


The card seems to include a lot about emotional identification + bonding, which I could use right now.

There is a also a sense of newness, and transition in this card–around romantic love mostly–that I find interesting.