CASE 44: Kôyô’s "Suparnin"

A monk asked Master Hô of Kôyô, “The great dragon has emerged from the ocean, calming heaven and earth. How will you treat him when he suddenly appears before you?”

Master Hô said, “Suparnin, the king of birds, absorbs the entire universe. Who can stick his head within him?”

The monk said, “But how about when he does appear?”

Hô said, “It is like a falcon catching a pigeon. If you don’t realize it, you will learn the truth through the ‘inspection before the balcony.'”

The monk said, “If so, then I’ll fold my hands on my chest and retreat three steps.”

Hô said, “You black tortoise under the Sumeru altar. Don’t wait to be struck on the forehead again and get hurt.”

Monsters vs Aliens

Jack, Kate, and I saw this at 2:00 on a Sunday at the dollar theater in Woodbridge. It was fantastic.

We brought our own water bottles + cliff bars–which was a strong snack move, but did not bring enough quarters for ice cream bars for everyone, which was a tragic mistake.

My favorite part was the “weeeeeEEEE” that BOB yells when she kicks the gas station rough. Kate also like this. Jack like the final battle scene.

Espresso Vivace

Espresso Vivace Alley 24
227 Yale Ave N
Seattle, WA 98109
Telephone 206.388.5164
Open daily 6 am until 11 pm.

This was by far the best coffee that I had in Seattle. Lisa + Shirley agreed. In fact, Kate, Jack, + Cody also agree that the coffee, staff, ambience, and over all vibe of this coffee shop is just about as good as I have ever seen.

I had what may have been the most perfect double espresso that I have ever tasted. I had a vegan Donut from Mighty-O. And I had a large Americano. Every thing was significantly better then good–in fact perfect is the word that comes closest.

Lisa had a Cafe Breve which she liked a lot.

Shirley had some kind of iced coffee–I am not sure that she was blown away by this, but she did really like the friendly staff and the kids space.

Seriously, this is the best coffee shop in Seattle that I was able to find.

This is where we sat, looking back at the bar.