Sestets by Charles Wright

I got this from the Newport Beach Public Library, whose modern poetry section is completely amazing these days. I really liked the simple cover–the book was also very well put together–nice font, great paper, etc. However at twenty bucks for less then one hundred pages this is a little over priced–I would really like to see poetry books come down in price again.

My review when I finished it was very simple. Sestets is a fine book of poems with some really great lines. The poems are very much about mans relationship to nature or the natural world. They all start to sound the same.

pg. 8
Ends with an emotional knock out vacuum punch.

pg. 12
“No matter what any one says,
life and death are
not equal”
Simple and strong, I like this kind of writing.

pg. 13
“The dogs have stopped
what else do dogs do in modern poetry

pg. 15
“Stuck to your business
boys I forget the
dawn below”

pg. 18
“Sunlight is lie
saran wrap it preserves
the world for tomorrow”

At this point I started trying to draw up a list of interrelated themes:
tree horse
needles–a syringe

Epiation–to atone for, make amends, reparation

pg. 53
“There must be a cheese
character for this–a
simple one”
I do not think I wrote that down right…

pg. 55
“The past becomes such a
mirror–we’re in it,
and then we’re not.”
Again, the simple stark beauty of his writing.

“Amber does not remember the pine”–I love that line

Pg. 58-59
likely my favorite poesm in the collection

pg. 63
“We line in a post passionate

Over all a good book. I will read more from him.

There is also a good review here:

CASE 39: Joshu’s "Wash Your Bowls"

A monk asked Joshu, “I have just entered this monastery. I beg you, Master, please give me instructions.”

Joshu asked, “Have you eaten your rice gruel yet?”

The monk answered, “Yes, I have.”

Joshu said, “Then wash your bowls.”’s+”True+Person”&source=bl&ots=5ErcmoB_4T&sig=wXPn4ZEc3XwkVCNP6_UeYMB40YU&hl=en&ei=84oWSrHsPOKltgfA6OjjDA&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=3#PPA120,M1