Abandon the Old in Tokyo by Yoshihiro Tatsumi

I got this from the Newport Beach Public library. This is volume two of a series which is still in process + I am going to basically rush out and get all of the other issues–a completely mind blowing collection of short stories–about half from “adult magazines” and half from standard Manga magazines.

This is stuff from the middle of Tatsumi’s career–he has invented gekiga, but he is still working out the details of his story telling. The art is rock solid. The stories contain elements of magic realism, gritty realism, and even psychological anxiety.

Tremendous art throughout.

The best comic I have read this year by a lot.

Adrian Tomine edits the series and has an interview at the end which provides some very helpful insight into the work and personality of the artist.

Inside my copy was the following note:


CASE 37: Isan’s "Karma-Consciousness"

Isan asked Kyôzan, “Suppose a man asks you, saying, ‘All living beings are tossed in a vast karma-consciousness, and have no foundation to rely upon.’ How would you check him?”

Kyôzan said, “If such a monk appears, I call out to him, ‘Mr. So-and-so!’ When he turns his head, instantly I say, ‘What is this?’ If he hesitates, then I say to him, ‘Not only is there a vast karma-consciousness, but also there is no foundation to rely upon.'”

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Isan said, “Good.”

Italian Roast–Terra Vida Cofee

Country of Origin: N/A
Appellation/Region: N/A
Estate/Farm: N/A
Grower: N/A
Certification: Fair Trade, Organic
Rating & Roast Notes: Italian Roast

Shirley sent a pound of ground to Lisa. It is very good coffee–complex and rather light. The flavor is simple a clean–a very fresh coffee in the cup that does not last long in the mouth.

We received the beans ground, so I assume a lot of the flavor was lost, but overall an excellent coffee that I would like to try again.

The bag included “The TerraVida Story”

At TerraVida, we understand that coffee is more then just a morning beverage. It’s a warm and satisfying connection–where earth meets life.
It starts with the best coffee the earth has to offer–Rich, flavorful beans from teh mountains of Central and South America, Africa, and Indonesia. We seek out farmers who grow coffee responsibly in small batches, and we reward them with a premium price. Why? Because you can’t make memorable coffee with forgettable beans.
Next comes the human touch. TerraVida’s Master Roaster combines skill, experience, fire and instinct to coax the subtle range of flavors from each bean. Whether you choose a Columbian Supremo, our certified Organic Fair Trade Italian Roast, or our very special House Blend, every sip of TerraVida Coffee takes you away from the daily grind.
TerraVida Coffee. Conveniently located at the corder of earth and life.