Jaguar Skies by Michael McClure

This is a great book of kind of late period beatnik celebration.

I got it from the Newport Beach Public Library (it was missing pages 13-15) and read it in one day.

There were poems to Bob Dylan, Robert Duncan, and other big names in language. There were personal poems about relationships and introspection. But mostly this book, an entire section is dedicated to Peru, is an explosion of good vibes and life celebration.

The poems are centered on the page and spring from some simple title or first line conceit and finish with a strong sly smile.

A very very strong book by a poet that I need to read more.

Four Agreements by don Miguel Ruiz

David K recommended this book. I got it from the Newport Beach Public Library.

I found the writing to be distractingly bad–short sentences with bad grammar mostly. There was a lot of bad editing, poorly paced stories, and way to much personal information.

The Agreements are be impeccable with your word, do not take things personally, do not make assumptions, and do your best–which are not bad, a little to 10 Commandment-y with the do not stuff, but overall fairly reasonable.

the Post Four Agreement summaries–be a warrior, etc–are all tacked on to provide the book with length and do not add much.

CASE 35: Rakuho’s Obeisance

Rakuho came to Kassan and without bowing stood facing him.

Kassan said, “A chicken dwells in the phoenix nest. It’s not of the same class. Go away.”

Rakuho said, “I have come from far away, hearing much about you. Please, Master, I beg you to guide me.”

Kassan said, “Before my eyes there is no you, and here there is no old monk.”

Rakuho shouted, “Kaatz!”

Kassan said, “Stop it, stop it. Don’t be so careless and hasty. Clouds and the moon are the same; valleys and mountains are different from each other. It is not difficult to cut off the tongues of the people under heaven. But how can you make a tongueless person speak?”

Rakuho said nothing.

Kassan hit him.

With this, Rakuho started to obey Kassan.