Glamourpuss #4

This just keeps getting better.

We are still telling the history of Raymond–more amazing stuff on his inking, more stuff on Dave’s process & beliefs, and more amazing art–this one has reproduction reproduction from a spanish collection (which is even more weird live). A truly mind warping comic if ever there was one–it even includes classic flash backs to early issues (mostly quotes that were used).

All of this ties in directly to the Anxiety of Influence. Sim is making up terms for periods in Alex Raymond’s career (the “Nightingale Style” and the “Test Pattern Nightingale Style”) and then claiming to know the secret of these styles with out telling what it is. He compares Raymond to other artists who struggled with inking by brush–talks about what happened to Raymond when he stopped using brush, talks about the guilt he feels when he does not use brush (with a gun coming out of a box suicide type image–very dark, even for Dave).

I have a feeling that soon Sim is going to “uncover” some aspect of Raymond’s work and really blow the lid of this series–the glamor stuff, which was touched on for the first time this issue, will explode with meaning in two issues, I am guessing.

Really Good Advice during the swimsuit issue was clever, but again not all that insightful or “heady”–I think he is still finding his way with this sarcastic voice, but I have faith that it will come.

Still the only comic coming out today that I am sure is required reading.

Colette LaBouff Atkinson @ Casa Romantica

This was a great poetry reading.

I went with Jack and Kate–we had fun signing in and exploring the Casa Romantica which is completely fantastic. It was the kids first poetry reading. The crowd was a fun group of poetry insiders and high school kids.

Colette was in fine voice and read mostly from her book–a few new poems were thrown in. Read live her poems are much more personal and do not seem as ironic as they do when I read them–a great way to see some of these poems which I might have missed. Her “theme” was Movie Poems, which are some of her best–I really liked the V for Vendetta reading coming from a speaker labeled I-V!

Stepanie Brown also read–fun mostly modern works by a library assistant that I could really relate to.

There was not a lot of audience interaction and the question portion of the program was not all that eventful.

A great reading, at a great venue.