45. Forethought

Finding the great in the small
and the many in the few,
taking care of the difficult while it is easy,
and managing great things
in their beginnings
is the way of Tao.

All difficult things
have their origin in that which is easy,
and great things in that which is small.
Therefore the wise one accomplishes
great feats without even attempting them.

Those who lightly assent
seldom keep their word.
Those who presume that everything is easy
will have many difficulties.



1. Renunciation
2. Hold fast the mind
3. Hold fast the heart
4. Be slow to react
5. Be slow to engage

Call Others

1. Call Others
2. Do not correct people–they always resent it
3. Make sure that I stay open to the facts
4. Hope that things improve
5. Communicate with others quietly and clearly


We can be angles and we can be demons. I like that.

Coffee Cup and Tooth Brush

I came down stairs and was blown away by this image.

We Caught A Moth

Kim Taeguk II Rollerball Pen

I love the squareness of this pen. I added the Acme Fountain adapter and, though very broad, it has been working very nicely. A good solid and heavy pen.

The designer Young Se Kim is very solid.