Justice League Unlimted # 42

This was a fairly dark issue that begins with Queen being released from jail & ends with Queen returning to jail. She tries to go straight by doing community service, but Green Lantern ruins that by being judgmental, she hangs out with her old gang, and Wonder Women (who means well) is forced to leave quickly because of a Dam emergency–all of this stuff Queen uses as an excuse to return to crime. True, she does use her powers to ensure the creation of the Community Center which she was raising money for as part of her community service, but overall her return to crime is based on a complete inability on Queens part to acknowledge that she is powerless even with here fantastic fire powers.
The art is standard JLU stuff, nothing really jumped out–also, there are only two members of the League featured in this issue–which is a drag, I like when the entire team is involved–the final show down with the Royal Flush Gang could have used more members. I did like it when King made reference to the government gang using their name.
A good issue.

Gospel Rocket by Mike Kelley

This is a very very fun piece. The swirling video displays with people running in and out of a large curtain with a slash down the middle add this very strange element to the piece. It actually made me very dizzy walking around it.

The large sign which broadcasts the piece is also very funny.

I think the rocket itself clad in the standard church choir costume is likely the most anti-phallic phallic symbol ever. The sound and music of the piece are also very noteworthy. Likely one of the greatest pieces I have ever seen & it is part of a much larger work which I would actually travel to see!

I–The Magus

This is a good sign. Lisa has been sick for a long time. Jack is just getting better. I am moving more into a leadership roll inside my family and it is nice to get a message that with love and kindness and focused attention things may work out best for everyone.

17. Trust and love

In the first age of mankind
the people had respect for their superiors.
In the second age
they served and flattered them.
In the third age they feared them.
In the fourth age they despised them.

Where love is lacking, trust does not arise.
How careful we must be in our attitudes!

When we have acted from love
we know we are true.