Kerrygold Irish Vintage Cheddar

This was an epic cheese–kind of tasted smoked and was rather soft, but an amazing flavor!

Lisa, Jack, Kate, and I had this while eating popcorn, pickles, and olives. It went really well with this–the flavor was mellow and did not overpower the olives and enhanced the saltiness of the popcorn.

I purchased this at Whole Foods who have a fantastic cheese section.

Head Sets :: 02007-10-25

Jim Ladd
95.5 FM KLOS
Thursday October 25, 2007

Theme: Shine

12:01:00 Led Zepplin “In My Time Of Dying”
12:02:00 Jim Ladd Intro

12:03:30 Intro
12:04:37 “Is everybody in…”
12:05:25 REO Speedwagon “Dream Weaver”
12:09:00 “sleep! Rest in the arms of the dragon. Dreammmm…”
12:09:15 Donovan “Hurdy Gurdy Man”
12:12:13 “turn off your mind…relax..and float down stream…”
12:12:33 The Byrds “Mr Tamborine Man”
12:14:48 “turn off…”
12:15:00 The Beatles “Fool on the Hill”
12:17:55 Moody Blues “The Balance”
12:21:11 The Beatles “I Am The Walrus”
12:21:20 “we must gather together every shinny object”
12:24:36 “we are going to bring light to darkness”
12:25:00 “in my case it happend like this…who is this guy who lives within me when I am asleep…I realized that there is someone awake within me…I never knew this guy with in me…he does not talke when I talk…he talks when I stop talking..he talks in terms of sensations”
12:25:57 Pink Floyd “Fearless”
12:31:36 “the great way is not difficult for those that have no preferences…make the smallest distinction and heaven and earth are set infinitely apart…hold no opinions for or against anything…to set up what you like against what you do not like is the disease of the mind…
12:32:37 The Police “Secret Journey”
12:34:50 “turn off your mind … “
12:25:16 The Beatles “Within You Without You”
12:37:45 “I remember when I was a little boy…the shine to us…”
12:28:19 Robert Plant “Shine It All Around”
12:38:50 Ladd “I can show you how to shine…all you have to believe it…come I show you….”
12:39:38 “gather every shinning object you can find. We are going to bring light to darkness”
12:40:20 “gather every shinning object you can find. We are going to bring light to darkness”
12:42:02 “we are the music makers..and we are the dreamers of the dream”
12:45:32 Pink Floyd “Time”
12:48:58 “turn off your mind…relax…and float downstream”
12:49:23 The Beatles “Baby Your A Rich Man”
12:51:55 “head s e t s s s s s “
12:52:11 John Fogerty “Don’t You Wish It Was True”
12:56:00 Ladd “that will do it”