The Secret

Lisa and I stayed up late and watched this–it is not really in a movie, more a collection of good ideas from today’s top metaphysical thinkers. Stuff by the guy who wrote Chicken Soup for the Soul, stuff from the Men are From Mars guy, some whacky scientists that I have never heard from–that kind of stuff.

The topic is hard to follow and seems to be really focused on increasing the personal–of getting the things you want, of having the money that you need, etc. Lisa and I both responded very negatively to it, but were unclear on what we really disliked.

Three of Swords–Sorrow

This is the happiness of the Buddha at enlightenment–the sorrow without form or reason. I am really not sure what this means, but it sounds fairly positive.

“Disruptions, interruption, separation, quarreling; sowing of discord and strife, mischief-making, sorrow and tears; yet mirth in Platonic pleasures; singing, faithfulness in promises, honesty in money transactions, selfish and dissipated, yet sometimes generous: deceitful in words and repetitions; the whole according to dignity”.

which is from the divination portion…Some sense of disruption and the tide is going to start changing in my favor.

27. Humility

Mighty Tao is all-pervading.
It is simultaneously on this side
and on that.
All living things come from it,
and all are its care.
It works, it finishes,
and knows not the name of merit.
In love it nurtures al things,
and claims no excellence therin.
It knows neither ambition nor desire.
It can be classed with the humblest of things,
for all things finally revert to it,
and are not thereby increased.
Tao can be mentioned with
the greatest of things.
And the Sage
understands humility in this.

23. Apprehending the Supreme

Before Heaven and Earth existed
there was in Nature a primordial essence,
serene and unfathomable.
It was omnipresent and suffered no limitation.
I regard this essence as teh supreme.
I do not know its name, but I call it Tao.
If forced to qualify it, I call it boundless.
Since it is boundless, I call it inconceivable.

Tao is supreme,
Heaven is supreme,
Earth is supreme,
The human being is supreme.

The Road

This is a great book.

The ability to create a great sentence is obvious from the start. The use of punctuation, paragraph, and chapter may be some of the best I have ever seen.

Themes are developed and jammed on for incredibly long periods of time without becoming repetitive or even obvious.

An amazingly fun read!